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Raising a puppy to be a socially sound, confident, well-mannered family member takes a lot of time and work. Sometimes, there aren’t enough hours in a day to properly socialize and train your puppy. There is a short window of time prior to about 16 weeks of age where socialization and exposure to novel stimuli is best accomplished. This is also the time when house training and basic manners are instilled. The amount of supervision and work involved during this initial intense phase of puppy raising is very time consuming and can be overwhelming. With careers, kids, and other daily pressures, it’s often difficult to find the necessary time to spend with your puppy.


If you want to make sure to take advantage of this critical time and get a solid foundation for your puppy, let me help you!  Your puppy comes and lives in our house as a member or our family while getting the valuable exposure necessary to prepare him/her for a wonderful life.


While your puppy is with me, we will be working on household manners, potty and crate training, basic obedience, and most importantly, proper socialization. Your puppy will also go on daily socialization adventures to town, parks, stores, the marina, etc. Exposure to a variety of surfaces, sounds, people, and new stimuli will be done carefully throughout the day. He/she will exposed to and meet other dogs when appropriate. We may visit dog friendly establishments in order to learn how to relax while you enjoy coffee or a meal. We will go on age appropriate walks, sometimes in the neighborhood, other times out on trails. Your puppy will be exposed to my friendly and dog savvy cats while hanging out at our house. Your puppy will also have opportunities to rest, relax and sleep as necessary in order to maximize his/her learning. Any specific issues your puppy has can also be addressed during this time.


In addition to the above daytime activities, we will work on proper manners while we cook and eat meals. I will take your puppy to group classes to either observe and socialize or participate, depending on what's available and appropriate for your dog. Your puppy will start learning how to relax in the evenings while you watch TV or read. Night time crate and house training will be continued. Your puppy will be professionally trained and cared for while gaining confidence and an excellent foundation.


Puppies beyond 4 months of age can also benefit greatly from board and train. Often, their increased energy and independence make this time difficult for many puppy owners. I will continue to socialize and expose your puppy to novel stimuli and situations as well as build on their basic training.  We will address any behavioral issues that have arisen in the first months of life. As with the younger pups, your puppy will be treated as a member of our household while being professionally cared for and trained.


Board and Train is ideal for the busy professional, overworked parents, or anyone going on vacation who wants to be sure their puppy is learning and growing in a safe environment.


Private Lessons are recommended following Board and Train in order to teach you how to properly handle and care for your puppy. This ensures continuity for your puppy as well as the maintenance of newly learned behaviors.


Board and Train is available as far south as Seattle and north to Vancouver, BC.  Pickup and delivery available for $1/mile.



We are located in Bellingham, Washington and serve Whatcom and Skagit counties and  surrounding areas, including Blaine, Burlington, Everson, Ferndale, Linden, and Mt. Vernon. Board and Train is available to clients from Seattle to Vancouver B.C. and everything in between.


 •  $1,500 / week (if > 1 week, daily rate prorated @ weekly rate)

 •  $250/day for less than a week

Pickup and delivery available for
$1 per mile.


Board and Train is available as far south as Seattle and north to Vancouver, BC.

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