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Day Training

Day Training gives you the joy of sharing your evenings and weekends with your puppy while knowing his/her training and socialization needs are being met during the day.


Young puppies need a lot of training with frequent rest periods throughout the day to maximize their learning. This is difficult to accomplish if you need to leave your puppy home for many hours during the day. Day training can enhance the work you are doing with your puppy while taking the pressure off you to “do it all.” Faster results can be achieved due to the more intensive nature of training I can provide while you’re at work or doing other things. Another bonus for you is that a tired puppy is a good puppy. Having spent time using his/her brain and having adventures with me during the day will result in a more tired and mellow puppy for you to enjoy in the evening.


Private Lessons are recommended in conjunction with and following Day Training in order to teach you how to properly handle your newly trained puppy. This will ensure continuity for your puppy as well as the maintenance of newly learned behaviors.


Two Day Training Options Available Below


For Puppies < 6 months:


Your puppy stays with me for 4 or 8 consecutive hours during the day. I work with him/her on socialization, basic training, any individual issues you need addressed. Your puppy is treated as though a member of my household, receiving excellent training and care throughout the time spent with me.


For Puppies > 6 months:


I come to your house for an hour-long session to work with your puppy. The content of training is individually tailored to accomplish your goals.


While your puppy is with me, we will be working on household manners, potty and crate training, as well as basic obedience training. Your puppy will also go on daily socialization adventures to town, parks, stores, the marina, etc. Exposure to a variety of surfaces, sounds, people, and new stimuli will be done carefully throughout the day. He/she will exposed to and meet other dogs when appropriate. We may visit dog friendly establishments in order to learn how to relax while you enjoy coffee or a meal. We will go on age appropriate walks, sometimes in the neighborhood, other times out on trails.  Your puppy will be exposed to my friendly and dog savvy cats while hanging out at our house. Your puppy will also have opportunities to rest, relax and sleep as necessary in order to maximize his/her learning.






We are located in Bellingham, Washington and serve Whatcom and Skagit counties and  surrounding areas, including Blaine, Burlington, Everson, Ferndale, Linden, and Mt. Vernon. Board and Train is available to clients from Seattle to Vancouver B.C. and everything in between.


Pricing - two options: 

Puppies < 6 months:


4 hours* - $100

Prepaid Packages:

•   5 sessions - $475

•  10 sessions - $900


8 hours* - $175

Prepaid Packages

•   5 sessions - $830

•  10 sessions - $1575

*All hours must be consecutive


Puppies > 6 months:

 •  1 hour in-home Training - $80*


Prepaid Packages

•   5 sessions - $380

•  10 sessions - $720


*A $1 per mile driving fee will be charged for In-Home training or pickup/delivery if requested.


I apologize that I do not have handicapped access or a public bathroom


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