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Puppy Training Testimonials for Siw Lea

"Confident Canine Puppy Training is a wonderful program for new puppy owners. Siw offers an eight week class for your puppy in directing confident, loving guidance. Your puppy will have a great foundation in becoming a fine companion dog. My Pembroke Welsh Corgi took Siw's course and has become a wonderful pet. Charlie allows me to look into his mouth, brush him, and yes, even trim his nails without a fight. Clicker training is a super effective means to train your puppy, and with Siw's expertise in this method, you are assured of being directed down a fine path of puppy training. I highly recommend her class!  Both you and your puppy will benefit from it."

                                                                                                      Ken Burkholder, Boise



"We just wanted to thank you for such an awesome puppy class. We learned so much and Baxter loved coming to class and learning how to be a little gentleman using the clicker training. We feel super confident moving forward with his continued training using the skills we acquired from your class. We will highly recommend your class to all new puppy parents."

                                                                                                      Courtney, Melanie, &

                                                                                                      Baxter, Boise


"This class did wonders to help our shy, submissive puppy become more confident. Loki was so scared the first night that he cringed away from the other puppies and would not come out from under our chairs, but as the class progressed, Siw showed us how to gently introduce him to new experiences. He quickly became comfortable enough to follow commands at the front of the room. He gradually became more willing to approach new people and dogs both in and out of class. By the last two nights of class, he was wrestling right along with the other puppies and doing his tricks in front of everyone. We are grateful to know that he will have a happier life because he took this class."

                                                                                                      Jim and Christi, Boise


                                              "We were very impressed with the class. It is structured

                                               very sensibly, with a great book and sound progression

                                               of skills. Commitment to ensuring that puppies are safe

                                               and healthy while they learn is evident. Play time is

                                               perfect, allowing our dog to enjoy others his age. This

                                              course gave our pup a head start on becoming a very

                                              well behaved happy dog. He is everything we want in a

                                              dog: mellow, friendly, athletic and trainable. We heartily

                                              recommend this class!"

                                                                                                      Susan L-T, Boise






"Confident Canine Puppy Training was a wonderful experience for us and our new puppy.  The training was something completely different than anything we had experienced before and we are both lifelong dog owners. Siw makes learning interesting and fun. We would highly recommend taking your dog, any age, to any of the Confident Canine classes!"

                                                                                                      Lori Arce-Torres, Boise


"Your class has been awesome."

                                                                                                      Erin P., Boise



"Your class was very valuable and I would highly recommend it, especially for first time puppy parents. I appreciated all the practical tips and advice and also that you made it possible for Dodger and I to work at our own pace. Thank you!"

                                                                                                      Ariel, Boise


"I still recommend Siw to people I meet. In fact, yesterday one of our new school families brought in their 4 month old German Shepherd puppy and I was telling her about you. I think I got the very best starting out with you!"

                                                                                                      Terri H, Boise


"We really had a good time in your class. Your teachings really make sense to us. We are very pleased with Izzie's progress, and plan to keep trying to work with her. (The girls were training her to "kennel " when I came home today from work!!)."

                                                                                                      Ashley D., Boise


"I want to thank you for sharing your expertise with us - it has made the WORLD of difference in the way we have approached welcoming Ginger into our family!!! Ginger is the sweetest thing - we love her to pieces - I must admit, though, that she is full of energy and it was a HUGE help to know how to channel it in positive ways. I am certain I would have felt differently (frazzled and overwhelmed are 2 words that come to mind) had we not met for a private lesson and participated in your class. I also appreciate your upbeat and positive manner with Michael. I think he not only learned a lot but is very comfortable talking with you and, I think, feels he has a good resource person to turn to in the future. Thank you so much for providing a wonderful service in our community! Fondly,"

                                                                                                      Lourdes Z., Boise


"Your class was awesome and we really enjoyed it even tho our doggie is a bit talkative.  We really love him and know that he grew a lot from going to Puppy School.  We did too!  Thanks for being such an awesome trainer and teacher.  I hope our paths cross sometime soon!"

                                                                                                      Doug & Donna, Boise


"I was recommended to Siw Lea by a close family friend that had been in the dog business for probably 30 years. Siw was very affordable, knowledgeable and genuinely cared about the puppies and her clients by making herself available for anything we needed.  My puppy loved coming to class. I would recommend anyone with a pup to Siw."

                                                                                                      Allyson L., Boise


"Taking our puppy to your puppy class was an amazing experience for all of us. We (including our pup) could not have been happier with how the class progressed. Through the fun learning, playing, and practice our puppy gained confidence weekly and we all strengthened our bond throughout the process. The clicker training exceeded all our expectations, making introducing new commands a breeze and helping build a solid foundation for further obedience work. Socializing with other puppies every week pushed him down the path of being a friendly confident dog and after all was said and done we always had a tired puppy on Wednesday nights. We also truly appreciate your wiliness to continue to help us with questions about training, grooming, boarding, and general puppy issues well after we graduated from class. Thank you for getting us started on the right path with our wonderful friend and companion!"


                                                                                                      Chris, Boise


"My wife and I recently enrolled our Australian Shepherd puppy, Maya, in Siw Lea's puppy training class. We are very pleased with the help and training we received. Siw is very enthusiastic, yet patient when helping humans learn to train their puppies. Her long experience in dog training is very evident. Our pup was a very quick learner at first, but then went through a "teenage, I forgot everything" phase. Siw was very reassuring that she hadn't forgotten everything. Sure enough, she is back on track and becoming more socialized and obedient every week. We also enjoyed watching the puppies learn to interact with each other during free play time. Each week their play became more appropriate."

                                                                                                      Al & Kristal, Boise


"My vet told me to socialize my puppy, Leo, but she also recommended avoiding pet store classes to protect him from exposure to parvo. I was a first time dog owner, and I wasn't sure where to go.  I called multiple trainers in the Boise area. They all referred me to Siw. I gave her a call, and she was at my house within two days for a home visit/lesson. Then Leo and I attended her eight-week puppy class. Leo is a Westie, so he was one of the two smallest dogs there. He socialized with the bigger dogs like a champ. He has no fear of larger dogs when we encounter them out on walks.  We had a great experience with Siw. Leo still wags his tail whenever I get my clicker and bait bag out!"

                                                                                                      Laura, Boise


"Truman was not my first golden retriever puppy so I knew I needed to socialize him early on and carefully introduce him to new people, dogs and environments.  I also knew he was going to grow up to be a very large dog and I wanted him to have a good foundation in basic training so we could co-exist happily. Siw's puppy class was everything and then some!  Truman had a blast interacting with the other puppies and meeting new people.  My husband and I learned the proper way to positively train Truman using a clicker and rewards. The class is not difficult (for people or puppies) and is not a huge time commitment.  It's engaging and FUN!  Who doesn't love a room full of adorable puppies?!  Truman is now a delightful, LARGE teenager who will focus on us and obey commands (most of the time). I give all the credit to Siw's puppy class and the training principles we learned side-by-side with our puppy.  Everyone should take their puppy to Siw's puppy class!"

                                                                                                      Megan, Boise


"My puppy and I both took lifetime lessons from this wonderful course. Siw was clear, thoughtful, and organized and approached each lesson and class with helpful and positive tips. I have taken other dogs through puppy classes and can say the information and socialization from this course put this puppy much further ahead in having a confident and happy life. I highly recommend the class."

                                                                                                      Kara, Boise


"I've been to other puppy classes in the past and Siw's class is far and away the best. The techniques and training she teaches are all focused toward positive reinforcement. The best part of the class is that she really lets the puppies interact, which is so very important for their formative learning. (None of the other places, Petsmart/Petco allow the puppies the freedom she does. Also her classes are 8 weeks.) This is the best start in life to give you and your puppy. You can call her on the phone anytime with questions/problems during the course of training which is a great plus. Siw's class is an investment that will pay huge dividends. It is great to have the right advice and I gained a lot of insight into dog behavior. I would highly recommend her puppy class to everyone."

                                                                                                      Cynda, North End, Boise


"Siw's puppy class gave Gracie and  a great foundation for all future training.  Siw's methods are easy to follow and the pups respond really well. In that short period of time, my Aussie learned to come, sit, stay, watch me and, most importantly, how to pay attention so she could learn what I wanted her to do. An unexpected bonus for us was all of the puppy socialization that went on.  As a result, Gracie does really well when meeting new dogs."


"Since the puppy class, it's been easy for me to teach additional commands, using Siw's methods. In just 3 tries, Gracie learned to ring a string of bells next to the door when she has to go outside!"

                                                                                                      Mary, Boise


"Puppy kindergarten was a great experience; not only for my puppy and I, but also for my 6 year old daughter who took the class. Siw's clicker training techniques make so much sense and we were able to follow through with the training from class to home. It was easy, fun, and made training seem effortless! With raising a family pet, it is important that all members of the household are on the same page with training and this class helped bridge that together."

                                                                                                      Deniz, Boise


"Siw’s puppy training classes were fun for both me and our puppy. I enjoyed learning and using the clicker method with our puppy, as it is positive and it works.  Our puppy looked forward to class each week, as he enjoyed socializing with the other puppies.  Siw was a patient teacher and explained and demonstrated the clicker method very well.  You could tell that she loves dogs!  I didn’t take training classes with our previous dog, but after taking Siw’s class, I highly recommend it.  The bond that it has built with my dog and I is priceless, and it made raising a puppy much easier and more enjoyable."

                                                                                                      Christine, Boise


"We took Siw's puppy training class with our 6-month old Havanese puppy and could tell right off that Siw has a great way with puppies and dogs. Puppies really respond well to her and she taught us how to work with our puppy on basic training skills using a clicker and also using traditional ways of teaching. We liked the clicker approach and though it was new to us, Siw quickly helped us feel comfortable using it. She also taught ways to teach fun tricks. We really enjoyed watching the puppies play -- it was amazing how well they got along and learned to interact with each other across different breeds and sizes. Our puppy looked forward to the classes as much as we did! I would highly recommend Siw's class to new puppy's a fun but also challenging time and it was invaluable to us to have worked with her and to have her professional perspective and guidance in the training process. Our puppy is sweet but has a stubborn streak so we were all the more grateful for good guidance. We could not have done it alone!"

                                                                                                      Michelle, Eagle




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